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What we do?

 We aspire to empower, educate and facilitate a better life style to women and children who are faced with a daily struggle in their society to survive against poverty, abuse, hunger, homelessness, illiteracy and disease. 

Who we work with?

We sponsor and work in collaboration with selected clinics, shelters, educational organizations, orphanages, religious organizations, NGO’s, individuals and corporate firms in and outside the countries we provide our services to. 

What we believe?

SAE Foundation believes in equality for all regardless of sex, religion, ethnicity, status, age and educational background. Our organization is founded and stands firm on the principles of equality for all, compassion, love, dignity, care and respect for each life/persons.

What we envision?

We envision a strong alliance of Southern African women and children of today and the future who live in sustainable communities, are self reliant, empowered, prosperous and confident individuals with open access to life potential opportunities.

Our Mission

To help in the eradication of poverty, abuse, hunger, homelessness, illiteracy and disease by advocating, supporting and promoting the wellbeing of marginalized women and children (0-16yrs) in Southern Africa.

Our organization offers hands on experience for skills growth as well as exposure to International development, the region of Southern Africa and an opportunity to be involved in front line work in empowering vulnerable and marginalized communities.

Meet the Team

Sindy Zemura-Bernard

Founder, Executive Director

Sheldon Bernard

Executive Director

Tsitsi Masuka-Tabvuma

Senior Board member

Robert T Munjanganja (jnr)

Board Member, Field Advisor

Brian Maphosa

Board Member

Robert Munjanganja

Field Advisor

Shubham Vij

Web Content Developer

Water Access Pilot Program

Construction of Borehole in Kezi, Zimbabwe
Access to improved water sources and sanitation facilities can have a profound effect on the health of communities; in the developing world, approximately 2.4 million deaths by diarrhea and waterborne diseases could be prevented each year with safe water, hygiene and sanitation. Southern Africa Embrace Foundation is working to support healthy families and rural communities through the development of safe and reliable water sources.

Areas Of Involvement

Advancement of Education

Thank You

From the people we have helped

The help from SAE Fdn has been life changing for me because if it wasn’t for them , I wouldn’t be in school getting an education. I want to be a doctor when I grow up, I now know that I can.
Thank you SAE Fdn for helping me finish my primary school education. I wouldn’t have done it without your help. I passed with flying colours and I am now enrolling in secondary school.
SAE Fdn could not have come to our village at the right time, our families had been facing hunger and much poverty for a long time.
Thank you for sponsoring us with all the food packages, since the sponsorship we have not gone a day without food for our children and others. God bless you
Villager - Qwaqwa, RSA